WE HAVE NO RIGHT to say anything about anything other than stripping. We're not ministers or gurus, we're not philosophers or politicians. We are simply "Erotic Technicians" who have found something to be true.


Every single one of us has a chance to do something big with our lives, a contribution to mankind, something bigger than any coach or financial consultant or personal fitness trainer ever told us. And by waking up to this potential and acting on it, amazing things happen: to other people, to ourselves. This has nothing and everything to do with making FANTASIES CUMMM TRUE!

Everything that's on this site is on here for a reason. They're not for you to fantasize about them, jerk off on, print or download their pictures. It's here for hire, to make your fantasies become reality. There's a certain something that separates us from the others: A stripper from a stripper that we call X-RATED!

Sure everything looks nice, but that's not what makes us most proud. If we were just mediocre strippers, that just did a job or didn't do it well, it would be a waste of money.

The professionalism will make you feel comfortable no matter what your background or environment. We'll take you there and bring you back satisfied! Have a g-string and will travel. If you or your boss, your friend or wife like what they see, that's fine too!


We're a business. We want to make money. But we cannot measure how well we're doing without measuring how well the whole world is doing. This is not a marketing campaign, this is not an annual FUND- RAISER, this is not the taste of a community relations department, it is the philosophy of this entire company. And while the cynics may roll their eyes and the critics will get out their magnifying glasses and while we may cause disbelief or anger or jealousy or even disgust - THIS IS WHAT WE BELIEVE!

*For ADVERTISING choose from the following below, $25 for the year without frame & $50 per year with the frame! Unlike Craigslist, the "envious", "undesirable trolls", or "haters" could "NEVER", "EVER" flag your AD!

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Miss Taylor

Performer: Mi$$ Taylor
Measurements: 5'8", 128 lbs
Services: Elite, Expensive, & Exclusive Pvt. Dances

If you have to ask price you probably can afford it. LOL Just kidding call me 353-764-8758 or leave message with Lola 347-674-6569 when you're heading to NV

Book me on twitter strippersxrated or Call 347-674-6569 Lola if you can't reach me.


Measurements: 5'4", 128 lbs
Services: I'm the one and only, JHONNIBLAZE aka JZAPAL VONKRISHNA, The Strip in $triPPer aka The Queen of Houston aka The Motherf*cking Queen of the WORLD! If you don't know; you better ask somebody or google me.

You can find me in Houston, NYC, Cali, and @twitter. Book me here, by clicking on my pic on the homepage.

Book me on twitter@JHONNIBLAZE or Bookings@ or Call Lola 347-674-6569


Performer: SexyKitty
Measurements: 5'8", 128 lbs
Services: Mental and verbal f#*king you will never forget; my #'s down below

I'm just what the Dr. ordered! So GOOoo & get that lotion! I'll put a smile on your face. skeet skeet skeet

Book me on twitter strippersxrated Call Lola @ 347-674-6569 to book me today.

SeXXXy Sharon

Performer: SeXXXy Sharon
Measurements: 5'7", 105 lbs
Services: Exotic Dancing

GFE for the erotic weekend

Hola, I'm SeXXXy Sharon, yes with 3 X's, because you will LOVE me!

Call me @ 305-974-3810 or book from our site


Performer: Sage
Measurements: 5'8", 123 lbs
Services: Elite, Expensive, & Exclusive Pvt. Dances

If you're dreaming about a Paris Hilton type but SEXIER with body & brains call me 323-455-5642 when you're in the ATL.

Book me on twitter strippersxrated or Call Lola 347-674-6569 is the best way to get in contact if I get too busy.

Bunny Red

Performer: Bunny Red
Measurements: 5'8", 135 lbs

Don't waste your time with these fakes when you can have a grown sexy woman to play with. In Orlando visiting. Clean & HYGIENE a MUST!   Long red hair down to the middle of my back, an exotic treat & I'm a MUST see! Sorry NO AA MEN! 443-583-5195

Mercedes Ashley

Performer: Mercedes Ashley
Measurements: 5'3", 128 lbs
Services: Exotic Dancing

It's me, in the flesh. My girls & I will give you the "Best" private show!

Southern Cali, San Diego, as well as Vegas. You know what they say about Vegas?

Call or text 714-448-8529 to book! Or goto On twitter @MercedesAshley

Performer: StarBuk$
Measurements: 5'3", 105 lbs
Services: Exotic Dancing

Hey, I'm Star Buk$ - I'd love to make you hot with a private show! So if you're in NYC/NJ/CT call me.

Call me via Lola aka Lady X @ 347-674-6569 to book!


Performer: Journey
Measurements: 34C-24-34
Services: Pleasure is my craft.

It's me in the flesh! Flawless. My skills baby, & like J Cole said, I will make a gay man reconsider! No offense :)~

You can't GET Enough   You CAN'T get EnuFF. Call my bluff in my Ocala location.

Journey @ 954-850-1047 like me name I'll take you on it!

Chrissy Lane

Performer: Chrissy Lane
5'2", 105 lbs

Ultimate GFE

Exotic Dancing

I'm Crissy - I'd love to give you the ultimate GFE. ;)

Call Lola for booking 347-674-6569


Performer: Egypt
Measurements: 5'10", 195 lbs.
Ooozing with MuScLes!
Black Inches Cover & Centerfold, as well as PlayGirl MoDel!
Services: Exotic Dancing
Webcam Legend!
Fantasy Fulfillment & J/O Shows
Hi! I'm Egypt aka EgyptKing69-
I'd love to make you CUM with a private show. In person or on cam "Skype". F*#k a Magic Mike. I am a MOVIE google me. LOL! Call me or see me on CAM!

Call 347-674-6569  to book East coast only! For COCK on cam here & use Skype or yahoo for private chat! For the Nubian GoD!@egyptking69 on twitter..


Performer: @Dystraction
Measurements: 5'5", 125 lbs
Services: Exotic Dancing

It's me, baby & I got my pole game on full throttle! From 305 to 813 call me.

You will be glad you did & you won't regret it.

Book me @Dystraction on twitter direct or text @ 347-674-6569 to book!

Egypt Olivia

Performer: Egypt Olivia
Measurements: 5'4", 115 lbs
Services: Exotic Dancing
Hello baby, I'm Egypt Olivia  I'd love to give you a private show! So when you come to Vegassss call me.
Call Lola 347-674-6569 or to book me direct call 702-510-2357



Performer: Leila
Measurements: 5'3", 105 lbs
Services: Exotic Dancing & GFE

I have what you need for that sweet tooth. Chocolate, Honey, Butta Pecan, for "Best" private show!

Montreal B.C. sweety is where I am @. Come have some FUN!

Call or text 514 or 438-882-0572 to book or Call Lola until 12 am. 347-674-6569


Chanel no. 69

Performer: Chanel no. $
Measurements: 5'2", 105 lbs
Services: Exotic Dancing
Hi, I'm Chanel but not #5!  I love to make DREAAMMs come true!
Call Lola 347-674-6569 to book me! in Tampa, Miami, or Nyc!


Performer: Lily
Measurements: 5'3", 128 lbs
Services: Exotic Dancing & GFE

It's me, daddy or I'll say pappy. I am the one who will "MAKE" you happy; call me.

In Central Florida and surrounding areas. Come see me and you will not regret it.

Call or text 407-924-7354 direct or Call Lola to book 347-674-6569. 


Performer: IamBlonde
Measurements: 5'3", 128 lbs
34C- 24-34
Services: Exotic Dancing

It's me, baby & I keep an umbrella handy. & I am the one the guys make it storm on in the club; come see me. Or me & my girls could come see you.

In Hotlanta aka the ATL and surrounding areas. Doing this strip thing for REAL!

Book me @IamBlonde on twitter or Call  24 hrs. 347-674-6569 to book!


Performer: London
Measurements: 5'6", 145 lbs
Services: Exotic Dancing

I am the one who will "MAKE" it happen; call me.

This GA peach LOVE to try new things & down for whatever.  Round BOOTY, "BOOBie$" and fit tight body; You'll LOVE it.

Call me direct 321-710-8211 or leave message with Lola  24 hrs. @ 347-674-6569 to book.


Performer: D'Rose
Measurements: 5'5", 128 lbs
Services: Exotic Dancing

In Africa right now, but returning soon! What the hell I'm doing out here? LOL guess?

Book me on twitter strippersxrated or Call Lola  @ 347-674-6569 she'll find me


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